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Abstract Glass Building


The commercial modular industry expanded into larger scale structures and complex applications for hospitality and multi-residential products around 2010. As this market emerged and our founders became immersed in pioneering commercial modular delivery, we recognized a need to bring a higher standard of professionalism and develop unique processes that supported this delivery method.

In 2017, Proset Construction emerged to gather and utilize the manufacturing resources and design, resources to deliver, wholistically, complete and integrated project delivery from design/preconstruction/budgeting to delivery of the complete finished product. Today, Proset Construction, Inc. continues to stand apart in the industry as one of the few delivering this complete package as a primary focus rather than a secondary market.

Modular construction methodology is not a one size fits all solution and the leadership of Proset Construction has the breadth of experience to deliver construction in all conventional delivery methods as well as volumetric modular. When the target fits modular, Proset Construction will recognize the solutions needed in design to optimize efficiency and critical design conformance needed to support factory-built construction.

Being in the commercial volumetric modular industry since its birth, Proset has the experience to understand where modular construction is an economic and duration reducing solution and where modular construction may only be a duration reducing solution.

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