Preconstruction Overview

Modular projects are unique in their heightened need for very specific, detailed front-end coordination. Successful commercial modular projects start with building the right team, the most critical characteristic being experience in this dynamic industry. Our extensive experience in this niche commercial modular market and extensive relationships with modular design professionals and capable manufacturing facilities make our group a valuable asset as a general contractor. Our preconstruction department plays a key role in building and managing the entire development process, from the initial project viability study through the start of construction.

Estimating / Value Engineering

At the onset of each project request, we use our expert previous knowledge and experience to prepare initial rough order of magnitude (ROM) budgeting based on schematic designs through final project buy-out, including value engineering proposals. Through value engineering, we consider alternative design solutions to optimize the expected cost/worth ratio of projects at completion. As projects move forward, we further improve estimates as more information is obtained and requirements are more clearly defined.


Modular projects present very specific site logistic challenges, or, in most cases, opportunities. Having installed thousands of modular boxes over many decades, our staff will find the best way to get the building stacked, whether it’s a challenging urban infill site or a suburban lot with plenty of room. Coordinating modular box storage sites, shuttle services and crane logistics is all part of the logistic support we provide on every project.


Along with site logistics, modular projects present their own set of requirements in terms of the overall structural design of the building. By contributing our knowledge to the design process, our team can quickly identify design elements that may be costly or challenging. The modular solution can and should be a great advantage to every project. By lending our experience to the design team, we ensure the modular benefits and efficiencies are maximized. We encourage our clients to utilize our value added preconstruction services.

General Contracting

As with preconstruction services, there is no substitute for extensive modular experience in the construction management team. Our experienced team of project managers and site superintendents is among the best in the commercial modular industry. Having been through the unique modular process many times, these managers know how to maximize the benefits of the modular technology because they are not new to its specific processes, from fast track scheduling to educating subcontractors on their significantly reduced scope of work in the field. A tightly managed commercial modular project will reduce the construction duration from a traditional site-built schedule by up to 50%. Because ProSet Construction only builds modular buildings, we ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit of the technology.