Company Overview

ProSet Construction, Inc., is an EXCLUSIVELY MODULAR, full service, commercial General Contractor, specializing in hospitality and multi-family projects throughout the western United States.

Commercial Modular Construction has become an attractive solution to the significant challenges in today’s building industry. With rapidly escalating construction costs and project durations, modular technology is mitigating these issues through offsite fabrication. As an exclusively modular builder, ProSet Construction is unique in the commercial construction marketplace. Our ability to perform in markets throughout the western United States as well as our extensive experience in commercial modular construction further establishes us as an industry leader.


As the leading hotel companies in the United States face ever worsening conditions to bring new properties to the market, the industry has turned to modular as a means to put desperately needed rooms into circulation faster and more affordably. Top hotel brands have begun to adopt the modular technology in recent years and ProSet Construction has been involved in nearly every name brand modular hotel constructed in the western US.


With many segments of the country facing housing shortages as well as skyrocketing housing costs, modular building has become an attractive solution to mitigate the labor shortages, material cost escalations, and overall challenges to bringing new housing product to the market. Whether the need is condominiums and townhomes, apartments or workforce housing, modular technology is answering the call.

Student & Assisted Living

Suffering from the same construction challenges, these market segments are also seeing explosive growth in modular construction.

Company History

Rick Buckendorf, Matt Mitchell, and Scott Bridger, the three principals of ProSet Construction, share a long-standing history of success in the commercial construction industry. Each has started and successfully managed construction firms dating back as far as 30 years. With combined experience of over 90 years in construction company ownership, these founders have created a collaboration in ProSet Construction which utilizes each of their strengths, allowing them to elevate their market presence from known regional players to a national leader in the commercial modular marketplace. The experience of these company principals includes a senior executive with tenure at a top 400 national general contractor, an innovator in modular technology bringing past factory ownership and extensive modular installation expertise, and an entrepreneur who demonstrates the ability to build teams and forge relationships that translate into success.